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Bakker, Peter & Parkvall, Mikael (Aarhus University) Reduplication in pidgins and creole languages
Davis, Stuart (IU Bloomington) The interaction of nasal substitution and reduplication in Ponapean
Downing, Laura (ZAS Berlin) The Emergence of the Marked: Tone in some African Reduplication Systems
Dressler, Wolfgang & Dziubalska, K. & Kilani-Schoch, M. & Gagarina, N. (U Vienna, U Poznan, U Lausanne, ZAS Berlin) Reduplication in language acquisition
El Zarka, Dina (U of Graz) Reduplication and gemination in Arabic verbal morphology: one phenomen or two distinct mechanisms?
Feng Guanjun, Bella (U Southern California) Solving the puzzle of Mandarin verb versus adjective reduplication
Frampton, John (NE University, Boston) What happens to a stem when it combines with a reduplicative affix?
Gil, David (MPI-EVA Leipzig) From repetition to reduplication in Riau Indonesian
Haugen Jason (U Arizona) Reduplicative allomorphy and language prehistory in Uto-Aztecan
Hurch, Bernhard (U of Graz) The Typology of Reduplication
Inkelas, Sharon (UC Berkeley) Morphological Doubling Theory I:Evidence for morphological doubling in reduplication
Keane, Elinor (U of Oxford) Phrasal reduplication and dual description *
Kouwenberg, Silvia & LaCharité, Darlene (U West Indies, Laval U) Less is More: Evidence from diminutive reduplication in Caribbean
Kulikov, Leonid (Leiden U) The reduplication in Vedic verb: Indo-European inheritance, analogy and iconicity
Leroy, Marie / Morgenstern, Aliyah (U Paris III) Reduplication before 2 years old: a tool for the construction of the lexicon
Maas, Utz (U Osnabrück) Reduplication in syntax: the FIGURA ETYMOLOGICA in Classical and Neo-Arabic
Mann, Charles (U Surrey) Reduplication in pidgins and creoles: Illustrations from Anglo-Nigerian Pidgin
McLaughlin, Fiona (U Kansas, U Florida) Reduplication and consonant mutation in Northern Atlantic (Niger-Congo) languages
Minlos, Philip (U Moscow) Inexact Reduplication in Russian Folklore
Nelson, Nicole (UC Irvine) Wrong side reduplication: typological prediction or epiphenomenon
Pfau, Roland & Steinbach, Markus (U of Amsterdam, U of Mainz) Reduplication and conversion in German Sign Language
Rojanski, Fedor (Moscow) Typology of ideophonic reduplication
Rose, Francoise (U Lumière Lyon II) Reduplication in Tupi-Guarani languages: going into opposite directions
Rubino, Carl (Washingten D.C.) Reduplication: form, function, and distribution
Schweiger, Fritz (U of Salzburg) Wemba-Wemba and Yota-Yota: Reduplication in Australian languages
Shaghaghi, Vida (Allame Tabatabai U) Reduplication in Persian
Shaw, Patricia (U of British Columbia) Non-adjacency in reduplication: competing constraints at the prosody-morphology interface
Shibasaki, Reijirou (U of California, Santa Barbara) Clause integration and semantic change in Japanese verbal reduplication: A diachronic perspective
Singh, Rajendra & Wee, Lionel (U de Montréal, National U of Singapore) Is there life after reduplication?
Sofu, Hatice (Cukurova U, Adana) Acquisition of reduplication in Turkish
Stolz, Thomas (U of Bremen) Mediterrainianism vs. universal process: Word iteration in an areal perspective
Urbanczyk, Suzanne (U of Victoria, BC) Enhancing contrasts in reduplication *
Wilbur, Ronnie (Purdue U) Reduplication in Sign Language
Zoll, Cheryl (MIT) Morphological Doubling Theory II: The special phonology of reduplication

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